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That can be adapted to your manual or CNC grinder. With our powerful and rigid Mx12 Dresser

you can profile your form into the DIAMOND, CBN or conventional grinding wheels right on you machine.dress angles or complex profiles using your machines motion.Need to plunge a profile? Mx30T is ready, plunge up  to 80mm wide profiles or flats with 2.4 HP and outboard bearing support. Need more width, wider profile can be dressed with other units in the Mx30T series of dressers.Just give us your requirements.

Don't let its compact size fool you. You won't find another system that offers this much power and rigidity in such a compact package.If that's not enough to convince you, we also offer many ways to configure Mx12 to fit your needs. We can provide a complete control system for manual operation, just select a rotation, dial up the desired speed and switch to RUN. you will get real time RPM display, this helps the operator understand when the system is working at desired levels. Want remote control? Use a switch or output from your CNC, PLC or other device. Want feed back? Mx12 sets an output to tell you that the run input has been received an that it is running AT SPEED. All you need is an input in you CNC ,PLC or other device.

There are many other control methods available, please do not hesitate to ask us for what you need.

We also keep units on the shelf ready for emergencies, lets say you crash and your Mx12 is down for the count, give us a call we will get you another one right away. We can sort out the details when we get yours back for repair.  Our main priority is to keep you up and running.


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In the photos below you can see the Mx12 Dresser in action. Compact enough to fit in this tight spot on a Double Disc Grinding Machine, but Tough enough to dress these 2 - 30" diameter CBN Grinding wheels with 6" wide faces, in a Connecting Rod, production grinding application. That's the advantage of using Max Engineering Inc.  products in your applications.

Our Mx30T Series uses the same control system design as the Mx12. this enables us to offer the same easy to use features for all of our systems.

Front View

Mx12 Double Disc CBN Wheel Dressing Application Example


Rear View

Mx12 Double Disc CBN Wheel Dressing Application Example