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​Max Engineering Inc.

We now offer a Super Precision Series of spindles. To get the most out of these new spindles we can equip your Ex80 with a Precision Balancing System. Not only do they have highest precision class of bearings available, they are also part of our quick change system, designed with several things in mind.

  1. Tool precision requirements are constantly evolving toward higher precision. Wheel dressing accuracy is critical to that goal, and having a direct interface between the wheel adapter and the spindle that eliminates a secondary removable adapter between them means higher accuracy.
  2. Super Precision Bearings Provide another level of precision to further reduce run-out, these bearings are 2 times as accurate as High Precision Bearings.
  3. This is great but if it takes all day to switch between spindles then it can be cost prohibitive! That's why we developed a special drive system that will transfer all of the power to the spindle without making a project out of switching between spindles.

Here's how it works, Quick Change Spindles come in a variety of types, Hsk 32, Hsk 40, Hsk 50, Hsk 63, Bt40 [Big Plus], Walter Power, ANCA TG7, ANCA RG7, etc... These spindle noses are either part of, or integral to the spindle.

We call  them Quick Change Spindles because you simply loosen the 2 clamping bolts, slide the spindle out, slide the new spindle in, tighten the clamping bolts and GO! The system uses a unique direct drive that just slides in to the receiver, no belts to fool around with. see the flow chart to help you decide on what is best for you.

If you decide that the High Precision Series of spindles is best for you, you can choose from the options listed below. Either way you go, our spindles are unmatched in terms of durability and long life in the Wheel Dressing Market.

you need a Max Engineering inc wheel dressing machine and Max Engineering Inc precision spindles

Max Engineering inc Precision Spindles