Grinding Wheel Truing and Dressing Made Easy

Ex80 Inside Dressing (Standard)

Automatic Inside Dressing

Allows for easy Dressing of wheel Faces even when the wheels are next to each other. Automatic Control of Y Axis with stops that are set by jogging to position with a Joystick and clicking a mouse.

Ex80 Inside Dressing (Swivel Mode Option)

Soft Axis (Servo Controlled) T & Z Vector (Swivel) for Inside Dressing,

Allows for Dressing of Dish, Angles and Corner Radii between wheels in extreme situations. This is an alternative to mechanical swivel options found on other wheel dressing machines. Mechanical swivel  systems are cumbersome, have limited capability and are prone to contamination.

Ex70 Dressing Dressing a Metal Bond Wheel!
(Last Generation Machine January 2004 with old vision system)